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Military Support Vision


Our military personnel and their families serve with strength, courage and commitment. Guideposts honors their call to serve and supports their faith; faith in oneself, faith in service and faith in God.

Guideposts believes in the healing power of storytelling and provides platforms and mediums for men and women in the military to share their stories of triumph over challenge. Inspiring stories, written by fellow military personnel, provide a trusted voice of reassurance that doesn’t judge or dictate. Guideposts reaches this community with a positive voice that affirms the strength that lies within and connects to the power of hope. It is a voice of understanding, shared experiences and prayer pointing the way to courage, acceptance, and community.

Guideposts provides a haven to strengthen spiritual fitness, undergird steadfastness and reinforce the power of faith. We comfort the soul and lay the foundation for spiritual renewal through resources that help strengthen each on their own personal journey.

Guideposts affirms the good in each of us, celebrates the victories, both small and large, and strengthens the resolve of all. We enable those who fought valiantly for peace to experience their own peace.